Mortars and Racks

2018 Equipment Price List

Casabella Pyrotechnics is your best source for quality mortars and racks. We have been through it, carrying rack after rack to get the job done on show sites, and even worse, the clean up at the end, packing all of those heavy racks back in the truck. Well, unfortunately, none of that is going to change anytime soon, but what has changed is making sure the racks you carry aren’t going to fall apart while in use, transport, or packing back and forth from the truck to the field to the truck to the storage facility and on and on and on. We build racks made to stand up for the long haul, with high grade lumber, deck screws (not cheap drywall screws like some guys)¬†and¬†weather proof wood glue. We don’t use OSB to save a few bucks per rack, we use high strength plywood to the standards of the industry. Even our fiberglass mortars are quality. Uniform mortar plugs, strain relief holes already installed, and plenty of itch with every fiberglass purchase of course. Our HDPE mortars are made here at our facility in Indiana.

For high quality furniture grade American crafted racks and quality fiberglass and HDPE mortars, we supply all that you need. With some of the lowest prices in the industry, you will afford whatever you need from Casabella Pyrotechnics.


The best in the business