America’s #1 Demo

May 19th 2018 is the date of America’s #1 Demo that you shan’t miss. Actually I misspoke, May 19th, 2018 is the date of the most awesome fireworks party on 7 continents! The penguins have finally given it a rest so we were able to overtake them this year, YES!

Now onto the forehead portion of this mullet…

If you need to book lodging, Corydon Indiana to the north, has many accommodations at reasonable rates and is located about 15 minutes from our facility. Brandenburg Kentucky has accommodations as well and is about 20 minutes away to the south. We will allow camping at our site although we do not have camping facilities other than some nice grassy areas. Campers are allowed at our facility but please let us know in advance if you will be bringing a camper so we can help coordinate with you. There are some nice caves within about a 10 minute drive of our facility that also allow camping which may make for a very nice weekend getaway; check out Indiana Caverns and Squire Boone Caverns for more information.

Our facility address where the demo is held every year is:
6345 Dixie Rd SW,
Mauckport, Indiana 47142

And now on to the back of this mullet…

Way back in aught 14 when we started this whole demo thing, I told Jerry that things would improve the more we did them. Well, coming into our 5th season and I am still telling Jerry that things will improve the more we practice and I’ve even made progress on the harmonica. When it comes to demo’s though, I think we are getting pretty doggone close to being good at it. In fact, it’s the self proclaimed #1 fireworks demo in America now (and the most awesome fireworks party on all 7 continents) and it even has its own Facebook events page! Which just goes to show you, this thing is legit for real.

So how about shows you might ask?

This years line up of choreographers is set and you will not be disappointed. Steve Hinkle will be treating us to an incredible show that will leave you breathless…. I’ve already seen the simulation and let me tell you, this 1.4 Pro show is going to be over the top. I know I say that every year, and we have had the likes of Brent and Tim in the past, and those shows were absolutely phenomenal, but I think this is going to be pretty dang special. On the other hand, we have the 1.3 finale display that is going to rock! Between Jason a few years ago and Chris and Mark last year, I’m not sure how you can top those but I got a feeling, if they could be topped, this will be the year it happens. Jon Waskevich is preparing to dazzle the night sky with his talents and this show is going to be amazing! You will FEEL your pulse pounding in your neck after his spectacle is complete. So if you have a weak heart, well, fireworks probably aren’t for you. Ahhh, who am I kidding, fireworks are for everyone!

So we are also going to have to shoot some fireworks off for you too so you can see just how great a lot of the new products coming out are this year. We will start with some daytime effects, and then shoot some night time effects, and then maybe you will hear me tell a joke Jerry just told me if I can get it out without laughing so much you cant understand me. Seriously though, we will have our Consumer Fireworks Demo, followed by the 1.4 Pro Demo, then the show by Steve, then switch back to some demo fun with 1.3, then let Jon treat us to a very strong send off.  All in one epic night. All with hundreds of millions of people just like us who love fireworks and love having a great time with friends.

Last year, so many of our customers were so eager to get in on great deals for great products that Jerry was tuckered out before the demo even started and we got going a bit later than planned because of it. Harrison will be more available to help with sales this year to ease up the work load, or at least that is the plan right now. In light of all of this, we are going to have sales by appointment during the afternoon of the 19th starting at 10 am and cutting off at 5pm. We are asking that everyone try and limit their appointment to 30 minutes so we can help as many people as possible in the time allowed. Make your appointment by contacting Jerry or Harrison by email as soon as possible please. Sales the rest of the weekend will be handled the same way as always of course and we will be around on Sunday May 20th to fill orders as usual.

Even more details about the Casabella Demo ’18 will continue to emerge. Heres to hoping for better weather in ’18! Til then, enjoy these videos below:

TTrap’s show from Casabella Demo ’17

Elite Pyrotechnics’ show from Casabella Demo ’17

The best and easiest lodging if you are coming in on I-64 is Corydon Indiana. There are many rooms available in Corydon in a range of value. Brandenburg Kentucky has lodging available if you are coming in from the south through Elizabethtown KY. Both cities are about 15 minutes drive time to our facility.

2017 Demo Video links here

2016 Demo Video links here

The videos below are from our 2014 demo:

Demo location address:

6345 Dixie Rd SW, Mauckport, Indiana 47142


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