America’s #1 Demo

May 19th 2018 is the date of America’s #1 Demo that you shan’t miss. Well, I think it is the #1 demo in the nation anyway, and hey, my opinion matters to my wife and that’s just good enough for me.

If you need to book lodging, Corydon Indiana to the north, has many accommodations at reasonable rates and is located about 15 minutes from our facility. Brandenburg Kentucky has accommodations as well and is about 20 minutes away to the south. We will allow camping at our site although we do not have camping facilities other than some nice grassy areas. Campers are allowed at our facility but please let us know in advance if you will bringing a camper so we can help coordinate with you. There are some nice caves within about a 10 minute drive of our facility that also allow camping which may make for a very nice weekend getaway; check out Indiana Caverns and Squire Boone Caverns for more information.

Way back in aught 14 when we started this whole demo thing, I told Jerry that things would improve the more we did them. Well, coming into our 4th season and I am still telling Jerry that things will improve the more we practice although I still cant get the hang of this darn harmonica no matter how hard I try. When it comes to demo’s though, I think we are getting pretty doggone close to being good at it. In fact, it’s the self proclaimed #1 fireworks demo in America now and it even has its own Facebook events page! Now that’s sayin somethin.

This year we are going to have an APEX Firing System class for all those who would like to see the pro’s use it. Well, I will show you what I know and you can probably find a pro shooter somewhere walking around at our demo to verify the information anyway. This won’t be a long class but I will discuss the manual fire features of APEX and touch on some of the automated firing tools as well. This will be a hands on seminar and we will build some pods to shoot from during the demo that evening too. Listen, if there’s any way I can get some more free labor for the demo, its going to happen, just sayin’. But at least we will have something to show for our class once its over, kind of like 6th grade science class doing experiments and stuff.  There will be opportunity for interaction naturally because you know how much I cant stand talking and the class will be boring if I just stand there and drone on for 10 minutes, so I cant imagine even longer. Let us know if you can make it by emailing and putting “APEX Class” in the subject line.

Since we already had Dennis and Jason shoot shows for us this past year, and Brent the last two years, we thought it might be nice to add some different flavors to our demo line up this coming year. Although all three of them gave us the superb entertainment value we were looking for, we had to give ’em a break. And of course Terry “Gman” Grannaman taught a bunch of folks how to build Gas Mines that work flawlessly so now we can really bring the heat to our shows. Honestly now, do you really think they want to spend their demo experiences sweating over shows and seminars EVERY year??? Nah, prolly not. BUT, I did ask Brent to still be an integral part of getting the demo portion of things set up because he is attentive and basically a bulldog on the field so that will be in good hands again and I really prefer he pours all of his energy into making our demo fantabulous regardless of whatever else he thinks he has going on that day. Dem Casabella boys make life a heck of a lot easier on Demo day too, so expect to see at least a few of them around. I can safely say that there is no way on God’s Green Earth that we could have put the previous Demo’s together without their help in the past of course.

So….. We have lined up the new entertainment for you (and us) already in the name of Tim Traphagan, Pyrofan handle TTrap, and Elite Pyrotechnics which is famous in the annals of Kentucky fireworks lore.

If you don’t know about Tim yet, you will soon as he is vastly talented in the art of pyromusicals. This year he won first place in the Pro-Am competition at Pyromania for his incredible show and vowed to outdo his performance in the near future (I could have made that up just now). (Hopefully that means he is planning to outperform himself at our very own demo in 2017!!! And again, I could’ve just made this all up but Tim is shooting a show for us nonetheless.) No offense to BFF (Brent F. Foley; I mean he did shoot some incredible shows for us over the past two years), but TTrap did beat Brent in 2016 who came in 2nd place in the same Pro-Am comp at Pyromania.  While I am certain that given an enormous budget, well at least a respectable budget for a 15 second show, he is going to own the Casabella Demo Field, we will have to wait and see if he has decided to grace us with at least as great a show as he did for St. Louis.

As far as Elite Pyro is concerned, I mean their name is ELITE…. Need I say much more? Well of course I need to say more. I’ve known Mark and Chris O’Brien for like about a while now and have personally been to a few of their shows so I know what they are capable of. They can do wonders with 24″ shells I’m pretty sure although that is mostly a guess. When Mark has a Bic in his hand though, things can get kinda crazy and quick too. Chris does enjoy a good laugh on occasion but keep the jokes to a minimum with these guys, they are called ELITE after all and I looked that up in the book of Websters and it says “Elite: A pyrotechnic company in Northern Kentucky that is all business all the time”. Well… maybe there was no mention of all business all the time but you know I love to make things up on this page to keep it light, after all, we are talking about throwing the best fireworks party on 6 continents. There really is no competing with a fireworks party in Antarctica or it would be the best on 7 continents. Those penguins are nuts!

We are going to be doing sales a little bit differently this year so we don’t hold up the start of the demo going forward. Last year, so many of our customers were so eager to get in on great deals for great products that Jerry was tuckered out before the demo even started and we got going a bit later than planned because of it. Harrison will be more available to help with sales this year to ease up the work load, or at least that is the plan right now. In light of all of this, we are going to have sales by appointment during the afternoon of the 20th starting at 10 am and cutting off at 5pm. We are asking that everyone try and limit their appointment to 30 minutes so we can help as many people as possible in the time allowed. Make your appointment by contacting Jerry or Harrison by email as soon as possible please. Sales the rest of the weekend will be handled the same way as always of course.

Even more details about the Casabella Demo ’17 will continue to emerge. Heres to hoping for better weather in ’17! Til then, enjoy these videos below:

TTrap’s show

Bill Corbett Ghost Mines


The best and easiest lodging if you are coming in on I-64 is Corydon Indiana. There are many rooms available in Corydon in a range of value. Brandenburg Kentucky has lodging available if you are coming in from the south through Elizabethtown KY. Both cities are about 15 minutes drive time to our facility.

2016 Demo Video links here

The videos below are from our 2014 demo:

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6345 Dixie Rd SW, Mauckport IN, 47142