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2018 APEX Investment Structure (click for pricing)

APEX Software

APEX Firing System is the industry leading firing system for professional use while maintaining low-cost per cue investment. Features of APEX include but are not limited to:

  • 100% digital Manual and Computer controlled firing systems in one set up
  •  compatible for choreography
  • Up to 30 cue per second focus resolution
  • Up to 300 independent cues per second firing computer fired
  • High ease of use equipment AND software
  • Continued support and innovation
  • Affordable annual preventative maintenance packages NOW AVAILABLE
  • Lowest cost per cue professional system industry wide

APEX is also compatible with legacy equipment from ATF that you may already own, giving you the flexibility to add on to your existing firing system. APEX software only works with the APEX CIM and investing in a new CIM is well worth the cost.

We will also continue to support ATF branded equipment and APEX going forward with the ability to make repairs if necessary, and to troubleshoot when necessary.

The APEX Show Simulator pictured here allows you to test run your show and test slats and cables on your system. The simulator is a full 144 cue LED board with several different coloration options to choose from (American Flag design shown)

The APEX Show Simulator is perfect for testing your show and equipment. $79 per 144 cue board


CIM II with a total investment of $599
CIM II with a total investment of $599. Controls up to 128 independently addressed field modules.
Field addressable M 144 with an investment of $599
Field addressable M-144 with an investment of $599. Controls up to 144 independent cues


New design features in both hardware and software will continue to be introduced in the short time ahead, including new slat box designs. The new Trislat features 36 independent cues in a waterproof Sea Horse case so that you can put the cues down that you need at each firing location. We also have a 12 cue Monoslat mounted in a Sea Horse case for the times that you need fewer cues. We will only build our equipment using time-tested solid construction so you will have your system in good working order for many years to come.

TRISLAT; 3 separate slats in one easy to handle Seahorse case for a total of 36 independent cues in one location
TRISLAT; 3 separate slats in one easy to handle Seahorse case for a total of 36 independent cues in one location


The MONOSLAT; 12 independent cues in one small Seahorse case for the times you don't need 36 cues
The MONOSLAT; 12 independent cues in one small Seahorse case for the times you don’t need 36 cues

Our field addressable modules deliver the power you need. With the ability to fire up to 4 e-matches in parallel and 10 e-matches in series, you will have the power you need to get your display off the ground.

Here is video of yet another flawless execution turned in by APEX Firing System at the PGI Convention in Gillette WY August 11, 2015

With a focus resolution of 30 cues per second per field module using computer fire, across 10 independent field modules, we can brag that Apex can fire up to 300 independent cues per second which is rivaled by none in the industry. Apex also brags the ability to control up to 128 addressed field modules for a show total of 18,432 independent cues in the field on one system. To date, no other system can do this. Although it is not recommended because continuity testing would be extremely arduous, you certainly can set multiple modules to like addresses potentially giving you an infinite amount of total system cues. See this video below of a show produced by 4G’s Pyro using a combination of ATF legacy equipment and APEX.

Here is a view we are all familiar with on display nights. Thanks again to George Dean and his fine staff for building this competition quality show.

Casabella Pyrotechnics can fill your firing system needs. We build the firing systems that we use and sell. We have built on the 15 year foundation started by Mike Strub with help from Advanced Technique Fireworks. Our systems are 100% compatible with ATF equipment and have been upgraded through both the software and the hardware used in the field. Due to years of experience building and using legacy equipment, we believe we have developed the best system in the industry. Our ease of use, functionality, and price per cue are what makes APEX the best.

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